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Welcome to NorCal Sports Officials (NCSO). This site is for all to inquire how to become a sports official for all the Youth and Adult sports that NCSO assigns for. Also, this site is for all Youth & Adult Leagues to inquire on how to have NCSO officiate your League, Tournaments or even a weekend event. Let NCSO be a part of your games.


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Promoting Safety and Fairplay

NorCal Sports Officials (NCSO) is proud to serve at the intersection between coaches, league and tournament staff, administrators, players, and officiating crews — ensuring competitions are run properly with well-trained and qualified officials enforcing the appropriate rules and promoting the spirit of the game.

If you are interested in becoming an Official for NCSO or want to inquire of NCSO services for your Youth or Adult Leagues or Tournaments, please contact us for all the details on this site or at:  or Call/Text: 831-236-7187

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2023 Adult Baseball Leagues that NCSO has contracts with:

  1. 45+ Sea Otter Baseball League. Very easy-going league where everyone knows one another and a very relaxed league where almost every player uses this league to get ready for the other leagues in the summer/fall. Games played on Saturday's at MPC (Monterey Peninsula College) and starts in June to August.

  2. Japanese-American Baseball League. This being the inaugural season for this league will start in July through August playing 2 - 7 inning games at MPC.

  3. Sea Otter Baseball Classic Tournament. This tournament has been here for close to 10 years and brings teams from all over California, Arizona, Texas and one year had a team coming from Australia. The Sea Otter Baseball Classic is in conjunction with the Roy Hobb's League as the winner of this tournament gets a free entry in their World Series that is held in Ft Myers, Florida. This tournament is held this year on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

  4. City of Monterey 30+ Baseball League. This League is for anyone that is 30 years or older to continue playing the game they love. This league has been a successful league for over 25+ years. League starts in August with games  played on Saturday and Sunday's at beautiful Sollecito Park in Monterey (next to Dennis the Menace Park and Lake El Estero Paddle Boats)                      ​​

  • These leagues are for those that want to keep on playing in a competitive baseball atmosphere. The Sea Otter 45+ League starts in March/April with an annual 4th of July Tournament during the 4th of July weekend. Teams from all over California, Arizona, Texas and Florida come to the Monterey Peninsula to play in this 2 Divisions (45+ and 60+ ages) tournament. The City of Monterey 30+ Baseball League starts in late August. This league offers anyone 30 years and older to participate in this league.

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NCSO Upcoming Leagues



2023 Youth and Adult Leagues/Tournaments

  • San Carlos Middle School Basketball League - (Jan-Feb)

  • Seaside PAL (Police Athletic League) Youth Basketball League - (Jan-Mar)       

  • Marina PAL (Police Athletic League) Youth Basketball League - (Jan-Mar)                                                                   

  • City of Monterey Spring Slow Pitch Softball League (5 Divisions) - (Mar-May)   

  • Carmel High Summer Baseball League                                                               

  • Japanese American Baseball League (JABL)- (July-Aug)                                                                                            

  • Sea Otter 45+ Baseball League - (June-Aug) 

  • Sea Otter Baseball 45+ & 60+ Festival Tournament - (July 4th week)                                                                       

  • Toro Girls Fast Pitch Softball League - (Mar-June)                                                                                                        

  • Seaside PONY Baseball League - (Mar-June)

  • Seaside PONY Baseball Invitational Tournaments - (June-July)   

  • PONY Baseball Sanctioned Tournaments - (June-July)                                                                                     

  • Seaside Girls Fast Pitch Softball League - (Mar-May)                                                                                                         

  • City of Seaside Spring Adult Basketball League - (Sept-Nov)                                                                                            

  • City of Monterey Summer Adult Slow Pitch & Co-Ed Socko Softball Leagues (7 Divisions) - (May-Aug)

  • City of Monterey 30+ Baseball League - (Sept-Nov) 

  • City Monterey Fall Slow Pitch & Co-Ed Socko Softball Leagues (5 Divisions)  - (Sept-Nov)                                   

  • Pebble Beach Employee Co-Ed Softball League - (Sept-Oct)

  • City of Seaside Slow Pitch Softball League

  • San Carlos Middle School Soccer League - (Oct-Nov)                                                                                                       

  • San Carlos School Flag Football League - (Nov-Dec)                                                                                                         





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Youth and Adult Basketball Leagues

NCSO provides game Officials for Youth and Adult Basketball Leagues on the Monterey Peninsula.

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NCSO Apparel

NCSO has uniform shirts, hats for their Officials to either purchase or borrow. NCSO also has some limited equipment to borrow.

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Greg Omoto - Owner / Assigner / Official

NorCal Sports Officials has been providing the Monterey Peninsula's competitive Youth and Adult recreational leagues and tournaments with a consistent high level of officiating since 2014. Our officials are trained, certified and assessed on their abilities to provide safe, fair, and enjoyable competitive experiences for players, coaches, and fans.

About Greg Omoto: Born and raised in Monterey. Greg started to officiate baseball when he was a teenager and started coaching with his father Ben Omoto when he was in his early 20's. His father once told him "If your going to coach, you need to umpire and if your going to umpire you need to coach" This was  important advice as this allowed and taught Greg to see both sides of the game on what to expect from Officials and Coaches and how to comport himself to them. 

That lesson and advice for Greg has him umpiring and coaching for 38+ years. A registered NFHS (National Federation High School ) coach since 1999 an in that year he helped build back the York High School Girls Softball program that disappeared in the 1980's. Then in 2001 taking on and rebuilding the Salinas High School Girls Softball program back to prominence, where in his first year took them to the CCS (Central Coast Section) Playoffs where the program had been dormant from playoffs for over 10 years at the time. His hard work in 2006 earned him "Monterey County Coach of the Year" by the Salinas Californian.

In 2009 his father asked him to come back to baseball and coach the Monterey High JV and Frosh baseball teams (he coached both programs at the same time for 2 years until they could find a Freshman coach.)

For 20 straight years (1999-2019) Coach Omoto conducted his Monterey Bay Rippers Free Baseball/Softball Workout Conditioning Program to any student-athletes on the Monterey Peninsula. His program was to prepare the student-athlete for their youth Baseball/Softball Leagues in the area or the High School student-athlete ready for their respected High School teams. The program had student-athletes from Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Salinas, Alvarez, Notre Dame, Santa Catalina, Palma, Seaside, Gonzalez High Schools participate. Not one cent was ever asked, but only that the student-athlete committed to the program on working hard at the conditioning part of the program and then strengthening their weaknesses on the individuals' fundamentals of Baseball/Softball.


His passion for coaching young adults and officiating has made him even more intuitive towards the rewards of coaching and officiating.

Umpiring/Official Resume:


ASA / USA Softball Umpire - 1986-current

PONY Baseball Umpire - 1990-current

Monterey Youth Baseball League Umpire - 1977-1986

Monterey Youth Softball League Umpire -  1985-2008  

USSSA Baseball Umpire - 2000-2010

Bobby Sox Girls Softball  - 2005-2015

NFHS (National Federation High School) Basketball Official - 2008-current

CCSOA (Central Coast Sports Officials Assn) High School Basketball - 2015-current

GSO (Golden State Officials) High School Basketball - 2023-current

CCCBUA (Central Coast Collegiate Baseball Umpire Assn) Fall Umpire -2016

Pecos Professional Baseball League (Monterey Amberjacks) umpire - 2017-current 

Choice Officials Baseball/Softball Umpire Assoc. (San Jose high School Region) - 2018-current

NFHS Baseball Official - 2021-current

SCCBUA (Santa Cruz County Baseball Umpires Assoc) - 2022-current

Professional Officiating (NEBUA - North East Bay Umpire Assoc) - 2022-current


Officiating Clinics:

Harry Wendlestendt MLB Umpire Clinic  - 1990

CCSOA (Central Coast Sports Officials Assn) High School Basketball Clinic  - 2015

CCCBUA College Baseball Umpire Clinic  - 2017


                                                                  Coaching Resume

Monterey Youth Baseball League Coach 1977-1982 

PONY Baseball/Softball Coach - 1986-2000

York High School Director of Softball & Head Coach - 1999-2000

Monterey Bay Rippers Girls Fast Pitch 16u Traveling Team  - 1999-2010

Monterey Bay Rippers FREE Workout Conditioning Baseball/Softball Program - 1999-2019

Salinas High Varsity Softball Head Coach - 2001-2008

Monterey Bay Rippers Boys Baseball 13u Traveling Team - 2008-2012`

Monterey High Baseball JV Head Coach and Asst Varsity Coach - 2009-2021

                                                     Big Thanks and Gratitude to the following:

  • City of Monterey Recreation Department - (Shannon Leon, Recreation Manager & Brent Almario, Sports Coordinator)

  • City of Seaside Recreation Department - (Dan Meewis, Recreation Director & Chris Russo, Recreation Program Coordinator

  • Japanese American Baseball League (JABL) - (Mike Furutani, Commissioner/Manager)

  • San Carlos Middle School - (A.D. Ashley Eisermann)

  • Sea Otter 45+ Baseball League & Tournament - (Joel Weinstein)

  • Seaside PAL (Police Activity League) Youth Basketball League - (Bobby Maxwell, President & Alfred Becerra, PAL Coordinator)

  • Seaside Pony Baseball & Girls Fast Pitch Softball :Leagues - (Jacob Ahrenstorff, President, Adrien Antosz, Baseball Director, Ashley Eisermann, Softball Director) 

  • Silkscreen Express in Seaside (For all your embroidery, silkscreen projects. Thanks Matt & Alex!)

  • Toro Girls Fast Pitch Softball League (Robbie Green, League President)

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Being in the right place at the right time, knowing and understanding all the rules to competition, and having strong mechanics are the core objectives of our official training program. Our members acquire the skills and confidence needed to maximize their ability to make fair and accurate assessments in the critical moments of competition.


NCSO always has an open forum for Officials to call, text or email on questions, Rule Interpretation, scenarios, and incidents. 


Let us know if you have any questions before joining NorCal Sports Officials, we’re excited to speak with you about joining our association.

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Get in touch with any questions or comments you have for us. We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you ASAP.

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